Monday, April 30, 2012

About Me

Well, I decided to take a stab at blogging in May 2012 and thought I would use 
it as a way to show tutorials of what projects that I have going on.  

So a little bit about me...I grew up on a farm in North/Western Texas.  So even though I live in the city now, I still carry many of those values.  I am now a pharmacist at a large hospital in Fort Worth.  That being said, I try to spend my free time utilizing my creative and artistic side (there may not be much there, but I use it none the less!) and let the analytical side take a rest.

I have been married eight years to a wonderful man.  We have gone through quite a bit within our eight years and it has only made us stronger!  On year four of our marriage, after many months of pain and crazy symptoms, we found out Will has Wegener's Granulomatosis.  He had to endure so much at the time (dialysis, side effects from high dose steroids, low dose chemo and of course the disease itself),  but now his disease is in remission and most parts of his body have healed!   All we can do is praise the Lord for all the things he has given us and pray for many more years to come.

With everything that we have behind us, we have decided to make the best of each day.  So I tend to  share some of our fun or goofy activities we do from time to time.  We do not have any children yet... However we do have a dog, Sage, and we have some how managed to spoil her "to the core" rotten!

The vacation went well....don't you think?

Will and I enjoying having fun outdoors (hunting, fishing, hiking, playing with the dog).  
We do tend to do a good bit of yard work...I can't say that I fully enjoy that but it must be done!  
I have been growing herbs the last couple of years and tried to expand that into a garden this year.  
It has certainly been a learning experience (notice I'm not posting pictures of it)!  
More so in the winter, I find myself sitting down to a good FBI/CIA thriller book.