Monday, June 11, 2012

Vacation and Instagram Fun

We have been traveling a good bit the last couple of weeks.  After spending several days in Boston for a work conference, Will and I spent a couple days at my parents.

Fenway Park
We couldn't let the Boston trip be all work and no play...
We made time to take a stop by Fenway Park,
which is having its 100 year anniversary this year.

IMG_1193 IMG_1198

During our tour of Fenway, my husband informed me this is one of the most desired seats (Green Monster) in baseball.  Since it was so important, I figured it was worth a picture.


The last Green Monster picture..I promise!
I think I just enjoy typing Green Monster.

After getting back from Boston, we took a quick trip to my parents house.
Since it was 112 degrees yesterday, I got a little stir crazy and took several
Instagram pictures of some old equipment.  

Case Tractor (Runs of Butane)

'57 Ford Tractor

Picture speaks for itself


Old Brownie!
Growing up on a farm, someone always needed picking up or dropping off in a pasture/field.
I shared my first driving experience with this truck when I was 13.
I remember very well having to hang off the steering wheel in
order to push the clutch in the whole way.

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