Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spray Painted Acorns

I decided to make use of all the acorns in my yard this year. 
It was a fairly quick project but I some how managed to drag it out over several weeks.


I took the acorns and popped the tops off of each one of them.
I then began spraying and turning them with each coat of paint until they were completely covered.


Here's the finished product after several sprays.


Rust-oleum had a beautiful fall orange color (cinnamon) that I just had to try!


Don't forget to save your tops!


Pull out your glue gun and glue the tops back on the acrons.


I had a lot of help.  Can't you tell?
Can a dog be jealous of acorns?  I think she was.


Here's part of my final product.  Just in time for Thanksgiving! Whew!


Here's where I put the rest of the acorns.

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  1. How pretty! I probably wouldn't have picked orange, but the after pictures show just how well that color works. They look beautiful! Adding orange paint to my Hobby Lobby shopping list now...