Monday, October 1, 2012

The rainbow broke my camera!

The rainbow that broke my camera

I know that I have not posted much lately.  The biggest reason is that my camera broke.

We had a beautiful rainbow appear one evening and I just had to take some pictures.  When I went to edit my photos, I realized that there was a small blue line down the left side of all my pictures.  I tried to buff out the majority of the blue lines from those pictures but I don't want to keep doing that every time I take a picture.

I at least got rid of the majority of the blue line in this picture.
 Even though it broke my camera, it is still a great reminder of God's Promises

 I've been relying solely on my iPhone, Instagram, and Pixlromatic app.  I've finally ordered a new camera (Cannon Powershot sx260 hs) and I'm hoping it will be here by next week!  I thought this might be my opportunity to branch out into the DSLR world.  But ultimately the ease of use and smaller size of the point and shoot camera won out.  It's just too easy to stick it into a backpack when were hiking or place it into the console on the boat  

So in the meantime while I'm waiting on the camera to come in, here's what we've been up to the last few weeks (fishing, hunting, and a trip to the Pecos River). 


Texas Pride

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